herewith a few Articles

a couple of new additions

the Journey a very short story
and Guyana & the Demerara Slave Revolt of 1823 an ancestor’s role

Truth, as a Dance, is a Shape that cannot be Confined.pdf
a short note article of our Covid times (set a little in the future) jol wardle May 25, 2020

Universal Basic Income, an Idea Whose Time has Come.
Jol Wardle March 17 2020 a short factual opinion pdf link here

(What might be even better than UBI is a Job Guarantee program giving real wages and real needed jobs, properly funded up to full employment, or availability of materials which, if not competing with the private sector, would be a better targeted solution.) see Article tba

The Scandal of Zero-Hours Contracts (ZHC) Universal Credit (UC) and How a Small Change could Help. Jol Wardle Feb 23, 2020 a factual pdf link here

Popup Climate Car Demos a pdf Report (Sept 2019 & March 2020) link here

Urban Death & Beauty. 2018 a pdf rant. link here

Self-Employed & Universal Credit. (December  2017)
Written Evidence submitted to Commons Select Committee

Here are a couple of Sailing Articles written for the Drascombe Association Magazine (whose Website we maintain & evolve)

From Surf to Sail (a personal voyage by jolyon wardle)
LBC Electrics “Puffin” a pdf Tech article on electrifying a Longboat Cruiser (LBC) which i hope will assist others.
A boom hoist for lifting an outboard a tech article for a heavy outboard

and then a whole mini saga by continuing scroll down Page on Sailing that documents my complete journey from surfing to sailing larger boats and yachts