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Welcome to our revamped site; we hope you like it…(just click the random pic above, if the image is too large or not to your taste)

 OK  ‘about us’……for well over 20 years, we have provided affordable Computer & WebSolutions for Businesses, Self-Employed or Organisations, including Websites and Software.


Custom Business database solutions can be deployed on iPads as well as Desktops starting from under £100

Have a look through some of our work and Client WebSites; there are over 50 on this site alone

just email or phone us with your requirements…

“we can maintain, host and administrate your site, as well as design it, or you can administrate yourselves.”

we are very flexible, and are happy to help you find the best solution for your needs; we realise that often folk can upgrade their setups at a later date

Click here for some Website options for a recent client including prices below £150

Click here for some Software options for a recent client including prices below £250

We develop on all platforms and utilise Mac & Windows software as well as Filemaker, Drupal, Moodle, SMF and WordPress. We have been registered Apple Developers and we are based in South Lakeland, Cumbria, NW England, and can organise iphone/ipad standalones as well as mac and windows Desktop applications…

for info about having your business assisted by soul-trade

contact jol@soul-trade.com…… or telephone UK 015395 58647 )

… (International +44 1539558647)

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