We produce affordable custom & stock Software for Mac & Windows Desktops, and can provide versions for iPads & iPhones; sometimes a customised solution for your Business or Organisation can be set up for as little as £100 and an average set up comes in under £200

we use our own systems to keep a record of Clients & Patients; their details and dates, accounts & stats etc and we have project management areas for more complex jobs

…we produce shareware available on line:

free to try (50 records) we have Crystalsolutions for Complementary Therapists etc which has been used by us and evolved for nearly 15 years, and its multi-tasking cousin SoulTrader especially good for small businesses and the self-employed. Click the links to the right for more details. Both can be bought and unlocked for unlimited use for £68. (cheap because you have to learn its workings yourself using the Help, Tutorials and Videos we include)

We do though advocate doing some training for the best and easiest results. We can provide Training locally at your work, or more usually we use Skype, as well as the usual email and telephone support.

We only charge £20 an hour for Training and a couple of sessions is usually all that is required and needed. Have a look at the Links and by all means contact us to discuss your needs.

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