Mobile Apps

We have just added some free Mobile Apps for many of our Client Sites

mobile apps

Though really just a link/b’mark, a prepared touch icon will appear on your iPad/ iPhone home screen page (you can always move it to another page if required later -( – hold till ‘wiggle’ then drag to page you require))

if you have iOS6 on your iPad or iPhone, in your browser 1/ go to the Site you wish to Bookmark, and click the central ‘add to bookmarks’ icon in the bottom Menu at 6 o’clock(see pics below), the central choice is ‘add to home screen’, edit text as required…

(ps Android OS will use the standard bookmark (favicon) image from the site for your homescreen icon.) and if there is no prepared touch icon, IOS will simply screenshot the page as a small icon

emjayb'marksetup fibsboardicontoscreen


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